ECOTECH(TM) is new invention from PT.PIWAR TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA as Modern Wastewater treatment Plant in order to provide customer needs. Electrocoagulation as basic technology was applied, and compose with excellent integrated system to treated different types of wastewater.

ECOTECH (TM) reserved for all customer in wide range of their needs in wastewater type and capacity.

ECOTECH(TM) revealed to solve any customer challenges for wastewater treatment plant, it’s developed with some advantages such as:

  1. Power full treatment system
  2. Environmental friendly
  3. Less Foot Prints
  4. Simple operation and maintenance
  5. Knockdown and moving able system
  6. High Durability
  7. Long Life Investment
  8. Low Cost in OPEX and CAPEX
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Please Find your suitable ECOTECH unit with data should be acknowledge :

  1. Wastewater type ( industrial segment)
  2. Flow rate of wastewate