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PT. Piwar Teknologi Indonesia alias PIWAR was founded on April 23rd 2014 at west Bandung Indonesia, and relocated to Batam Island with dedicated to serve health environment especially in the water technology.

With the development and engineering experiences, PIWAR is committed to development of all water technology aspect and it’s product application.

There are several type of technique implemented such as ECO Tech series, ion exchange, Ultra Filtration (UF), RO System, Ultra Pure Water System, Biological System, Chemical treatment and many more of its combinations.

The superiority of it’s system are to support customer enhance good environment and fulfill all government regulation standard. PIWAR will keep making breakthrough in the fields continuously to solve the problem of water technology for more and more customer.

As Conductor to enhance every drop of water are means for life

We provide safe, affordable, and sustainable water technology that enable those we serve to lead healthier with more comfortable lives.

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